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Prenatal and Postpartum Counselling

The transition into parenthood can be chaotic and overwhelming. When my daughter was born I struggled with issues many new parents face, including sleep deprivation and the sudden shift in identity. Issues with breastfeeding and fussiness/colic can exacerbate this stress. Unfortunately, these difficulties aren’t normalized and spoken about enough. This inspired me to obtain additional training in prenatal and postpartum mental health so that I could better assist parents facing these very challenges.

Postpartum depression, anxiety and stress can feel overwhelming and scary. It is important for you to know that Postpartum Mood Disorders (PPMD), like postpartum depression or anxiety, are all treatable.

Whether you’re suffering from a mood disorder or dealing with the natural challenges that motherhood brings, therapy can help you to manage tensions in relationships, improve mood and reduce anxiety, and help you to start feeling like yourself again. Parenthood can also bring to light old wounds related to childhood experiences and upbringing. I help my clients to deepen their understanding of these experiences and heal and shift old beliefs and patterns.

I enjoy helping women to discover the resources they already possess and I believe in having honest conversations about motherhood that empower, inspire and normalize this rocky transition.

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